Tamales con Mole y Pollo 500g




Tamales con mole y pollo

Tamales with chocolate souse and chicken

Tamales mit Schockladensoße und Hühnchen

*Our Mole Poblano contains Peanuts., Almonds, sesame seeds.

Mexican handmade Tamales!
Home delivery, within Germany.
All our products are homemade style. We use organic corn
to prepare our corn products as well as the traditional
process to prepare the corn called, nixtamalization.

With the service of DHL, your order normally is delivered next day. It is
your responsibility to catch the delivery using the Tracking link that you will
receive by E-mail. Please freeze or refrigerate tamales and other corn
products upon arrival.
Our products are made fresh and then vacuum-packed.
Tamales are frozen before shipping.
We ship with DRY ICE to keep them cooled during transportation.

Heating tips for TAMALES:
Oven: At 180*c they need about 20 Minutes depending on the size of
Steamer: frozen or thawed, with husk 20-35 min. or until soft. Place the
opening from corn leaf facing up, this makes them easier to take out with
out them falling out of the corn leaf.
Frying Pan: fry in the husk. You can add 1cm of water to the pan, cover it,
heat on low to medium heat for 10-15 min. Remove lid. Once water is gone,
fry it a bit more on each side.
Microwave: Leave the husk on and wrap them in a damp paper towel. Heat
for two to five minutes depending on the size of the tamale.

Zusätzliche Informationen

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Nixtamalized Corn*, Lard*, Sunflower oil, chicken, Onion, Garlic,
Chiles, Sea Salt, whole rice flour *, carrots *,leeks *, CELERY *,
Pumpkin *, turmeric *, lovage leaves *, parsley*, nutmeg *,
lovage root *, pepper *, fennel seeds *. * from organic farming.
Zutaten Mole:
Verschiedene Sorten mexikanische Chiles, Rohrzucker, Schokolade, Sesamsamen,
Rosinen, Mandeln, Erdnüsse, Mais-Tortillas, *Butterkekse, Knoblauch, Zwiebel,
Salz, Pfeffer, und verschiedene, Gewürze
(Weizenmehl, Zucker, Butter, Invertzuckersirup,Backtriebmittel: Natriumcarbonate,Diphosphate;
Molkenerzeugnis Vollmilchpulver, Salz, Emulgator: Lecithine; Säuerungsmittel:Citronensäure;
Aromen (Milch), Hühnervolleipulver.)


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